Image by Bernard Hermant



How We Strive to be Better for our City

I. Mission Statement

      We are dedicated to providing a fun and engaging introduction to the city of Springfield for both visitors and residents alike. We want to be able to bring the city of Springfield as well as the surrounding areas to people in the hopes to showcase local businesses, attractions and events. Our goal is to help people find the beauty, uniqueness and community of Springfield and step out to explore everything the area has to offer. Alongside the wonders of Springfield we know the surrounding areas have just as much to offer and we want to highlight those destinations as well.

II. Vision Statement

      We are dedicated to bringing a bright and engaging welcome to visitors and residents alike to the Springfield and outlying.

III. Our Values

      1. Helping visitors and residents find new wasy to explore the area.

      2. Highlighting and supporting local businesses.

      3. Showing honesty and integrity in all the articles we post and stories we write about.

      4. Keeping the brand of Welcome to Springfield both tied to the cities history and forward thinking, all while being aware of the community.