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Authentic Jamaican Patties & Cuisine.

Jamaican Patty Co. is turning out food that Springfield has never seen and it’s making a big hit!


Du’Sean Howard grew up in Jamaica, traveling back and forth to the states. After a few years in Spring- field, he decided to begin a business that brought Jamaican street food to Missouri.

The Jamaican patty is a pastry that contains different kinds of fillings, but most famously, the beef patty. Imagine ground beef being slow cooked with spices and put into a pastry--the result is the ultimate comfort food.

Jamaican Patty Co. has multiple different kinds of patties as well; there’s cheesy beef, meatloaf curry chicken, veggie, spinach and for dessert, a plantain tart patty. Plantains are similar to bananas but have a distinct flavor that is more tart. This patty is mixed with a plantain puree and cherries for a sweet and delicious ending to your meal. All of Jamaican Patty Co.’s patties are baked, not fried so the pastry is flaky on the outside, and delicious.

On the weekends, Jamaican Patty Co. offers meals that are Jamaican staples like Jerk Chicken, Oxtail and Curry Chicken, all served with NON GMO gluten-free rice and peas, made with organic and gluten-free coconut milk, with a fresh “family recipe” cabbage salad. Whole chickens used are also NON GMO all-natural and gluten-free! They also have fried plantains on the weekends for a full Jamaican experience.

You can also find a selection of traditional Jamaican beverages for sale in the restaurant. Including Ting, a sparkling grapefruit drink, Kola Champagne, which has a bubble- gum or cream soda flavor, Pineapple Ginger soda, Pineapple Fanta, Shastas in lemon-lime, orange and grape. They also have organic beverages from a company called Tractor, like their “Berry Patch,” with flavors of pomegranate, black currant, strawber- ry, cherry and cardamom, as well as “Hibiscus,” with flavors of hibiscus, rose and orange blossom.

You can find Jamaican Patty Co.’s food truck at various locations and establishments in town like breweries, distilleries and different events.

But you can visit the brick and mortar for a delightful transportation to Jamaica and make sure you get the original beef patty and a traditional drink!


Jamaican Patty Co. can be found at 3439 S Campbell and by phone at 417-886-1144 and is open 11 AM to 6PM, Tuesday through Friday and 11 AM to 7 PM Saturday.

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