Advertising Rates / All Rates Monthly:

                                                 annual   2-5 issues    1 issue

1/8 vertical or horizontal            $280        $320         $400

1/4 vertical or horizontal            $400        $500         $600

1/2 vertical or horizontal            $600        $700         $800

3/4 vertical                               $750        $875         $1000

Full                                           $980        $1050        $1250

All rates above are all inclusive for full color and require no special additional production changes. If production changes become necessary, advanced accepted and understood changes will be included on the invoice. All above rates include special listing features described below as a complimentary marketing support program. 

Special Listing $100

An advertiser may secure a position on the Dining Listing, Attraction Listing, Retail listing. etc. pages. The copy or text would include a description of the business, the location, the feature offerings or procialities and any other details up to 80 words. A complimentary phone number on the phone booth listing and the listing on the index below the local map would be included. 


Phone: 417-830-5477


Address: PO Box 14504

                Springfield, MO 85814

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