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Springfield National Cemetery

Springfield National Cemetery

Established in 1867 as a place to initially inter Civil War Union Soldiers, many of whom died at the Battle of Wilson's Creek, in 1871 a section for Confederate Soldiers was added. It has since been expanded and opened to all veterans, and now has the interred remains of soldiers from wars dating back to the Revolutionary War. The cemetery lends its name to National Avenue in Springfield, which formerly passed by the cemetery prior to the southern expansion of the city decades ago. The only place in the United States where both Union and Confederate soldiers are buried in the same cemetery.

  • Location & Time

    1702 E Seminole St, Springfield, MO 65804

    • Mon     8AM - 4:30PM
    • Tues     8AM - 4:30PM
    • Wed     8AM - 4:30PM
    • Thur     8AM - 4:30PM
    • Fri         8AM - 4:30PM
    • Sat       Closed
    • Sun      Closed
  • Phone

    (417) 881-9499

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