Improve Your Game at Swing Right Golf

Approaching the doors, you get an unobstructed view, but you can see it yards away on your drive up the road. The World’s Largest Golf Club makes its home right here in Springfield, and it’s what greets customers right when they walk into Swing Right Golf.

After grabbing a few photos of the massive golf club, walk inside and let the hospitable staff help you out. They’ll likely first point out the two (also massive) golf simulators. Customers choose their golf club and then choose be- tween more than 40 courses. The courses are from all over the world, literally. There are courses from Canada, Spain, Scotland and other parts of the United Kingdom, as well as many courses from the United States including Austin, Orlando, Palm Desert, Bountiful and Castle Rock; the list goes on and on. The large screen in the simulator shows each hole as players advance through the course with their shots being recorded. Tip: with how cold it’s been here in Missouri, choose the Palm Desert course to put your mind on that nice desert heat.

Immediately out the back doors is the driving range. There’s a river just beyond a row of trees and hills become steep in the background, completing the beautiful Ozark scenery of this specific area.

The driving range has seven covered tees and seven uncovered tees, all with adequate lighting. The covered tees also have heat lamps for those colder days when