Route 66 Food Truck Park; So Many Treats to Choose From!

What started out as a car lot selling work-trucks with a mechanic garage inside, is now Springfield’s newest Food Truck Park on Route 66.

Located at 1530 E St Louis St, right on Route 66, the Food Truck Park has taken on the historical significance of the location. Before starting this new venture, the owner, Kirk, took the drive across Route 66 himself from Chicago to Santa Monica. One thing that Kirk came across on his drive were 11 statues originally called “Muffler Man Giants.” Kirk found someone that knows how to recreate these statues and had him make one that was holding two spatulas and had a chef ’s hat on. Kirk named him “Carl” and he is the perfect symbol for the Food Truck Park, celebrating the past and welcoming the present.

There are currently five food trucks on the lot and a diner-like seating area and full bar in what was the mechanic’s garage. Food trucks include: Notcho Ordinary Taco, featuring different flavored tacos like “Cordon Bleu,” “Po Boy” and “Cheesesteak;” Thai Food Truck, with items like “Pad Thai,” “Drunken Noodles,” and “Thai Basil;” Billy Bob’s Barbecue, featuring classics like “Pulled Pork Sand