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150 Years of C-Street

Set your sites on Historic Commercial Street to find one of Springfield’s oldest, coolest parts of town, where old fashioned service and neighborhood pride are core values of every business on the street.


Celebrate C-Street with an afternoon shopping spree with friends or by inviting the girls for an Airbnb weekend. Slow down and enjoy all that makes Historic Commercial Street so special. Plan a carryout picnic at the C-Street City Market, open Thursdays and Saturdays in the shadow of the historic Jefferson Avenue Footbridge. Called C-Street by locals, explore this exciting neighborhood dotted with public art amidst spring blooms, all along this 6- block local and federal historic district.

Intact turn-of-the-century architecture and a delightful array of sculptures, murals and mosaics create plenty of photo ops you’ll want to share with friends and family. Pick up a Public Art Pocket Guide Walking Tour to locate all 30 of the works and “Selfie Spots” shown in the guide. Enjoy how this Bohemian community continues to express and en- rich itself through art, music, maker spaces and international culinary excellence. Choose from Peruvian, Lebanese, Italian and Dutch and the best coffee shops & tearooms in town.

Love variety in shopping? C-Street delivers! Tasteful, one-of-a-kind, from new to used, arts, crafts and antiques to just plain quirky, it’s a joy to explore the great shops and meet the creative new pioneers who have opened storefronts on Historic C-Street.

They have created a neighborhood with a slower pace, an area where personal services share the sidewalks with artisanal, maker spaces. It’s easy to schedule a new hair cut, braids or a weave, a day-spa treatment, a massage, a tattoo, or enjoy a stretch in one of C-Street’s Yoga Studios as you experience the finest chocolate in the world or nibble on a freshly baked French baguette. Restock your spice cabinet as you wait to pick up those couch cushions you finally had redone in one of our Maker Storefronts. Feel like ballroom dancing, or signing up to learn to West Coast Swing? Find all these things and oh so much more right here on Historic C-Street! This sweet little neighborhood will charm you with its mom and pop shops, its friendly merchants and lofters enjoying their day.


Historic C-Street is alive with creative energy; it’s brimming with charming character, call- ing you back to spend an Airbnb weekend or just to enjoy a leisurely “C-Street Stroll”.

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