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Taylor's Steakburger Drive-In an Icon in Springfield Since 1947

At 139 Memorial Plaza, where Kimbrough meets Trafficway, sits a drive-in thats been in business since 1947.


Taylor's drive-in, a downtown mainstay, is struggling to stay alive. With the advent of the Jordan Valley Civic Park, several businesses have been leveled. Jack and Darlene Collins, who have owned Taylor’s since 1978, say their business has suffered at least a 25% drop in business since construction started on the park. They just recently had to let an employee go who had been with them for nineteen years. “she was just like one of our kids,” Jack said of the departing waitress/manager. “most of our patrons are in the middle-age group and have been coming here for years,” Darlene added.

At Taylor’s you still get a steakburger that is ground fresh daily from choice steak. Its a place where the tenderloins are great, and where you can enjoy one of Jack’s favorite, The “Bacon Dog”. The shakes are thick, made with old-fashioned hand-scooped ice cream, and you can still get a limeade with cherry or a lemonade to quench your thirst.

Coach Bob Taylor started the drive-in, located it at the end of the Benton Avenue Viaduct, in 1947. He had coached basketball at Conway, Marshfield, and St. Agnes High School from the ‘40’s to the mid ‘70’s. In the late ‘40’s thru early ‘60’s, Taylor’s was one of the top popular nighttime hangouts for teenagers. Most of them would cruise Taylor’s, Fisher High Boy, and A & W, they would pick a prime parking spot, back their cars in, and watch the parade of hot cars pass slowly through the parking lot. They were all great places to see and be seen.

Although the hey days of the '50s' and '60s' are probably gone forever, Jack and Darlene offer great food and hospitality. Treat yourself to a delicious steakburger and one of those thick old-fashioned shakes. Relax and reminisce about the gold old days when all we had to worry about was having enough gas money to cruise around town.


Taylor's Steakburger Drive-In is open 11:00 to 2:00 Monday thru Friday. Bring cash only as they do not take credit or debit cards, just like in the good old days.

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