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Enjoy Great Food and Historic Decor at Springfield's Pizza House


The story of Pizza House begins as one of empowerment two women created and ran their business for decades and now another woman owns and operates the business. There have been trials, but all pushing toward the greater good of where they are now; still a constant pillar of the community and a place that many call home.

In 1958, Dorothy and Pat began a simple little pizza joint in a shopping center at Bennett and Glenstone. Their menu was straight forward; pizza, salad and drinks something that has remained to this day. In the early 80s, the now-owner, Stacey, used to come in with her parents and decided she would work at the Pizza House part time while in high school. She continued working with the two original owners much past high school, always keeping a connection to the restaurant even after taking a more than a decade-long job with Kinkos. After a while Stacey decided to move on from Kinkos and fell back on her kind of “second home” at the Pizza House. It became her full-time job and she began taking on a managerial role. In 2004 Tanya, a friend that Stacey met at Kinkos, came on in an administrative role, and the two women lead the team, much like how the business began.

In 2008, an angry tenant that owned the space next to the Pizza House in the shopping center bought the lease out from under them and got them evicted. The news flew across town and patrons some of which had been coming to the restaurant for 50 years held a rally. Stacey found a new location on Commercial Street and now looks back on the memory with the resolute statement that “it truly was a blessing in disguise.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing if I could go back in time because we wouldn’t be where we are now, and we’re doing better than ever.” The business has grown three times since it’s move to Commercial Street. The staff grew from four people to 21 people. The move also marked the moment when Stacey took over as the official “owner” and she continued to take care of Dorothy until her passing a few years later.

The menu has remained “basic” with pizza, salads and drinks and every pizza made to order. The dough is made fresh every day, as well as the sauce and the cheese is ground fresh for the pizzas every day as well. Four years ago, beer and wine were added as drink options, with local beers being the star of the show.

“The thing is, our customers are like family. Some of them started coming in as kids like I did, and they’re still coming in,” said Stacey. “Some of them come through once or twice a year on their annual vacations and make sure they stop every time. This really is a place that people can come home to.”

Come check out the magic of the Pizza House for yourself today.


The Pizza House is open Tuesday through Thursday, 11am to 9pm, and Friday and Saturday, 11am to 10pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

The Pizza House can be reached at 417-881-4073 and is located at 312 E Commercial St.

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