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Experience Authentic Mexican Flavor

If you want to experience authentic Mexican flavor (rather than a Texas dish with a Mexican name) then head to El Maguey, where they pride themselves in what they serve, as well as how they serve it, with delicious food and exceptional service.


Before you even begin your meal, you will get a taste of what is so unique about El Maguey. They offer complimentary chips and two types of salsa, mild and hot, both of which are made fresh from scratch. Their mild sauce is delicious, but if you want to add a little extra “zing in your zanger,” then try the hot sauce. After taking a bite, it stares up at you from its cream-colored bowl like a single dark eye that seems to bear the expression of a bandit challenging you to a draw.

“I dare you to reach for your drink,” it says with its peppery glare. But go ahead. Cool your mouth because you’re going to want more. Its fresh flavor with just the right amount of spicyness, sets it above the appetizers of other Mexican restaurants. El Maguey’s queso dip is also made from scratch, so if you are in the mood for something a bit more mild, then you can still be assured that you are beginning your dining experience with fresh food.

Don’t worry about leaving El Maguey hungry, because the portions are large enough to make you thankful for the extra holes in your belt. They also have a kid’s menu and a vegetarian menu. With more than 30 combination items on the menu, including favorites like tamales made from scratch and chimichangas, lots of dinner items and many other Mexican specialties you are sure to leave on a full stomach.

However, the hardest part may be choosing from among so many fresh and delicious choices, and you can count on excellent suggestions from your waitress.

The staff at El Maguey exemplifies the definition of service. Some have even said that it’s the staff that truly makes El Maguey stand apart from the competition. They seem to genuinely love serving their guests, as if they were an honored guest in their own home.


To become a guest at El Maguey, go to 631 N. Glenstone Avenue, the very convenient corner of Glenstone and Chestnut Expressway. To make reservations call 417-865-1453.

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