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Experience the Haunted Pythian Castle.

Pythian Castle, one of Springfield's most unique venues, also has a claim to fame in the paranormal world; it's a certified haunted castle.


The history begins in 1909 when Springfield competed among seven other cities to be the place where the Knights of Pythias would construct the “Pythian Home,” a place where members of this fraternal order could retire with their families. The first floor holds a grand foyer, meeting room, ballroom, dining hall, and sitting parlors. The second floor has dual staircases on either wall and was designed with dormitory style rooms for children and bedrooms for adults. This floor also has a theater with original ticket booth, seats, upper projection and lighting room as well changing rooms backstage.

The castle operated as a meeting hall until 1942, when the United States Military commandeered the facility to use it in conjunction with an adjacent hospital that housed injured U.S. troops. However, German and Italian prisoners of war were also assigned to the castle during WWII for medical treatment and as laborers. Some of these prisoners were kept in the detached powerhouse and laundry room behind the castle.

After the war was over, the castle remained U.S. property until it was sold in 1993 to a private owner. In the hands of this new owner, the castle was renovated in some areas and transformed into an event venue, playing host to weddings, proms and corporate parties as well as monthly murder mystery dinners.

But the castle’s storied history has not been forgotten. In 2011, the castle was explored by TV show, Ghost Lab, where it was confirmed the the property is haunted with spirits from it’s past proprietors. In 2017 TV show, Ghost Adventures, also came and used paranormal techniques to assess the castle, confirming the same.

The castle offers weekly Ghost Tours on Tuesday and Friday at 8pm year-round where photos are encouraged. More ghostly tours are offered during the spooky fall season. Guests may walk away with photos containing “orbs,” which are the ghosts or spirits themselves.

Ghost investigations are also offered quarterly for those wanting to practice their paranormal skills. Public investigations start at $75 per person and are scheduled from 7pm to 3am, and include a midnight snack. And, if you are brave enough, you can try an escape room at this haunted castle.


You must attend an event to visit the castle so check out the website for dates and times to see what you can experience at Pythian Castle. Online ordering discounts.

Pythian Castle is located at 1451 E Pythian St, Spring- field, MO and can be reached at 417-865-1464, and online at

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