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Welcome to Village Inn Family Restaurant with Classic Favorites


It was the year 1965 when Jack and Jane Greene opened the first Springfield Village Inn. Son Bob at 16 years old worked full time with his family, later to be joined by his future wife Susan. A few years later younger brother Bill started at the ripe age of just 14, and in following his brothers’ foot- steps his wife had also later joined the family.

The first few years were extremely hard with long hours of work and such, however the family along with a very dedicated staff made it a phenomenally successful family restaurant. Today the iconic restaurants are owned and operated by the 3rd generation of the Greene family, Chip and Billy.

With their dedication and perseverance, the restaurants are still holding strong today. Our food is prepared and served to order, made from several long-standing scratch recipes. Throughout several years we have won several National as well as local awards for our iconic food, coffee, and pies.

We have also won many awards for our exceptionally dedicated service. If you live in the area or are just visiting the Ozarks, please stop in to enjoy a meal at one of the Midwest Famous Family Restaurants, Village Inn. For 56 wondrous years we are still as strong as ever and will continue our iconic presence in the Ozarks.

We have three locations to serve you, two in Springfield and one in Republic. So if you are ready for the best breakfast in the Ozarks, so are we all day every day. At Village Inn we serve and stand by our Best Pie in America. Having the Best Pie in America isn’t just a promise, it’s a commitment.


Please call ahead for hours of operation.

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